Caterpillar service information system

Service Information System (SIS)

SIS Web Users:
All customers must migrate to SIS 2.0 by May 14, 2021, as SIS Web will no longer be accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get a message “SIS 2.0 is not supported by your browser”?
SIS 2.0 works in Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers, not Internet Explorer.

Why are we switching to SIS 2.0?
SIS Web’s format was outdated and not able to utilize the latest graphics and search engine technology.

How do I find the serial number prefixes by model?
In the “Serial Number/Prefix” box, type in your model and autosuggest can help you identify a product’s Prefix.

How do I view “As Shipped” info for parts?
Entering the complete serial number and selecting the Navigate will give you the Product Configuration that is the As Maintained bill of material (BOM) for the product.

How do I print the parts pages?
Once viewing the desired parts page click on the icon in the upper right corner. A new tab will open displaying the graphic and parts list. Right click on the page and select the print option.

Where is the NPR button?
“NPR” is now viewed on the parts page by clicking on the icon on the far-right side of the parts list.

How do I find the “Filter Search”?
“Filter Search” is gone. SIS 2.0 uses the “Parts” tab. Scroll down to />Service Equipment & Supplies, then />Filters.

Where do I find the “Hydraulic Cylinder kit info”?
If a seal kit is available, it will be listed at the bottom of the parts list for the cylinder group. You can also type the cylinder group number in the search function to access the correct parts list.

How do I order parts?
Through “Parts.Cat.Com”, accessed via SIS 2.0 cart or this link: Visit Parts.Cat.Com

Where are “My Lists” located?
“Parts Lists” from SIS Web must be manually moved by exporting and importing.

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